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Move volume inside L to volume from inside the mL therefore the systems to own occurrence (g mL -1 ) could be uniform:

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Move volume inside L to volume from inside the mL therefore the systems to own occurrence (g mL -1 ) could be uniform:

(ii) Have you ever utilized the best level of extreme figures? density (step 1.03 ) features step three tall figures frequency (1) have 1 extreme figure When multiplying or dividing, what amount of tall data regarding the outcome is a similar because the the very least level of high data on conditions put, so we is rationalized in making use of 1 extreme shape. The respond to (ten30) possess cuatro extreme figures! Because our company is just rationalized in making use of 1 tall shape, we are able to provide the address as 1000 grams, nevertheless best solution is to try to use scientific notation and you can make 1 ? ten 3 grams

(iii) Is your address probable? Do an effective «rough» calculation: occurrence ≈ step one g mL -step 1 step 1 mL regarding milk products possess quite a few throughout the step 1 g step one L (a thousand mL) out-of milk provides scores of on a thousand ? 1 = a lot of grams Since this harsh computation is practically the fresh new carefully determined worthy of for mass our company is reasonably confident that the respond to is right.

Matter 5. During the twenty five°C and step one atm tension, diamond has an occurrence out-of step three.5 grams cm -step three . Determine the quantity into the cm step 3 out-of 0.50 grams off diamond in the 25°C and you will step 1 automatic teller machine pressure.

step 3.5 grams cm -step three ? V (cm 3 ) = V(cm step three ) ? 0.50 g ? V (cm 3 ) 3.5 grams cm -3 ? V (cm step 3 ) = 0.50 grams

[ step three.5 grams cm -step three ? V (cm 3 )] ? 3.5 g cm -step three = 0.fifty grams ? step three.5 g cm -step three V (cm step 3 ) = 0.50 ? step three.5 (cm -step 3 ) = 0.fourteen cm 3

Manage a good «rough» calculation: density ≈ 5 g cm -step three step 1 cm -3 away from diamond have quite a few in the 5 grams

(ii) Perhaps you have utilized the right quantity of high data? occurrence (step three.5) enjoys dos significant https://datingranking.net/kazakhstan-chat-room/ figures volume (0.50) has actually dos extreme data When multiplying or breaking up, exactly how many extreme rates regarding the outcome is an identical as the least quantity of significant figures about terms put, so we are warranted in using 2 extreme numbers. The answer (0.14) provides 2 high numbers

(iii) Is your answer plausible? 50 g for the mass which is 1 /10 th the mass of 1 cm -3 of diamond So the volume of 0.50 g of diamond will 1 /10 th the volume that is V = 1 /10 ? 1 cm 3 = 0.1 cm 3 Since this «rough» answer is about the same as our carefully calculated answer we are reasonably confident that our answer is correct.

Concern six. On twenty-five°C and you can step one atm tension, ethylene glycol features a density of just one.eleven grams mL -step one . Determine the amount in the mL of 0.025 kilogram regarding ethylene glycol on 25°C and you may step one automatic teller machine pressure.

Transfer bulk for the kg to bulk inside g to help you be consistent that have gadgets out-of thickness (grams mL -1 ):

V (mL) ? 1.eleven (grams mL -step one ) = V (mL) ? twenty-five (g) ? V (mL) V (mL) ? step one.11 (grams mL -step 1 ) = twenty-five (g)

Practical question gives us 0

[V (mL) ? step 1.11 (g mL -step one ) ] ? step 1.eleven (g mL -step 1 ) = 25 (g) ? step one.11 ( g mL -step 1 ) V (mL) = 25 ? step 1.eleven (mL -step one ) = 23 mL

(ii) Perhaps you have made use of the best amount of extreme data? bulk (0.025) keeps 2 extreme figures occurrence (1.11) possess step three high numbers Whenever multiplying otherwise isolating, just how many tall rates in the outcome is the same since the minimum number of tall numbers from the conditions made use of, therefore we is warranted in using dos significant figures. All of our answer (25) possess dos high data

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