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Ruriko is actually a 2nd season college student in the Finally Direction

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Ruriko is actually a 2nd season college student in the Finally Direction

A genuine ladies, she is the sole heir towards globally Kamiyagi Organization. Hearsay declare that whenever she happens house during getaways, she are unable to wade external rather than a great bodyguard. Maybe because of that upbringing, she often looks ignorant in regards to the broad world. Some of the female within Vincennes are thought ”hothouse plants,” but even included in this, Ruriko looks shockingly protected.

The girl a beneficial reproduction tends to make the woman preferred in school. Their identity setting ”Bijou Bleu” (Blue Jewel). She helps people she matches indiscriminately, plus befriends Chiho even with the lady outcast updates. She’s constantly with her pets, Panterbell.


The latest Headmistress of Academy and you may Ayaka and you will Ritsuko’s mother. This woman is an effective traditionalist just who tries to h2o along the package to create Masaya into Vincennes, plus trying to has your determined aside.


Goons — Manager ??????
Aliases Boss, Oyaji
Tresses Grey, Long, Thick Eye brows
Attention Black
System Mature, Scar
Gowns Kimono
Identification Sly, Stoic, Persistent
Character Antagonist, Unlawful, Group Frontrunner, Zero Identity, Yakuza
Partcipates in Stalking
Voiced of the Koshi Yukimitsu
Kamiyagi Ruriko ??? ???
Aliases Bijou Bleu
Proportions Bust-Waist-Hips: 88-??-??cm
Hair Blonde, Sidehair, V Fucks, Sides Size+, Wavy
Eyes Blue, Tareme
Body Larger Tits, Pale, Thin, Teen
Clothes Bow Tie, Attire which have Ribbons, Dress, Evening Gloves, Headband, Mary Jane, Miniskirt, Along the Knee Socks, Pleated Skirt, Puffy Arm, Ribbon Tresses Attachment, Bend Link, School Bikini, College or university Uniform, Shrug, Sporting events Footwear, Sports Consistent, Sun Cap, Towel
Personality Airhead, Curious, Deredere, Peculiar, Friendly, Unaware, Insightful, Type, Understated, Watakushi
Role Classmate, Eleventh Grader, Ojousama, Pet owner, Wealthy
Engages in Cooking, Swimming, Flirting
Voiced of the Nakaya Shiho
Kitamikado Kouji ??? ??
Aliases Ayaka & Ritsuko’s Dad, Ayaka’s Father
Hair Brownish, Small Fucks
Body Adult
Clothes Chef’s Uniform
Personality Type, Outbound
Role Make, Father, Partner
Engages in (Sexual) Not Sexually On it
Voiced of the Kojirou
Kitamikado Misako ??? ???
Aliases Headmistress
Hair Black, Braided Headband, Bun, Sidehair, V Bangs, Hips Duration+
Eyes Red-colored
Body Mature, Soft, Thin
Clothes Mix Necklace, High heel shoes, Skirt Match
Personality Cold-hearted, Cruel, Disciplinarian, Misandrist, Delicate, Religious, Really serious, Short-tempered
Role Antagonist, Mom, Dominating, Girlfriend
Engages in Believe
Partcipates in (Sexual) Maybe not Sexually On it
Spoken from the Kiriya Noel
Kiyoshi ???
Aliases Goons-Underling
Hair Blond, Zero Fucks, Slicked Back, Spiky, Widow’s Height
Eyes Hosome, Tsurime, Violet
Body Muscle, Pale, Narrow, Young-adult
Clothes Buckle, Dog Tags, Earrings, Top, Suit, Trousers
Items Handgun
Personality Cold-hearted, Cruel, Loud, Currency Partner, Impolite, Sharp-tongued, Short-tempered, Persistent, Unlawful
Role Antagonist, Unlawful, Yakuza
Engages in Assaulting, Stalking
Topic out of Injury
Spoken by Kataoka Ichirou
Mekata Mitsuki ??? ??
Aliases Chef De- Corps, Larme De Lune
Birthday celebration 17 June
Hair Parted to side, Quick, Sidehair, Violet
Eyes Blue
Body Big Tits, Mole, Pale, Narrow, Adolescent
Clothes Buckle, Bow Tie, Knee-highest Socks, Loafers, Miniskirt, Necklace, Pleated Top, Bloated Arm, Bow Locks Connection, Ribbon Link, Sandals, College Consistent, Top, Small Shorts, Shrug, Sporting events Consistent, Vest
Personality Ambitious, Big, Sharp-tongued, Persistent
Role Eleventh Grader, Competition, Schoolmate, Senpai
Engages in Planning
Topic off Teasing
Spoken from the Suzune Kagetsu

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